Angela Miguel

I am currently the Scientific Administrator for the

Centre for
Research in

CIRCA involves both the School of Computer Science, and the School of Mathematics and Statistics within the University of St Andrews.

Research Interests

Prior to moving to St Andrews I did a PhD at the University of York which was supervised by Prof. Peter Wright. The topic of my PhD thesis is Human Error Analysis for Collaborative Systems. I invented the CHLOE and CHLOE2 human error analysis techniques to analyse complex collaborative systems for possible collaborative error. My PhD was supported by the DIRC project.

I have also been involved in some work in the area of Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs).


  • Miguel, A. & Wright, P. (2003) CHLOE: A Technique for Analysing Collaborative Systems. In G. van der Veer & J. F. Hoorn (Eds), Proceedings of the Ninth European Conference on Cognitive Science Approaches to Process Control (CSAPC03), pp53- 60.

  • Miguel, A. & Wright, P. (2004) Towards a Framework for Systematically Analysing Collaborative Error. In Johnson, C.W. & Palanque, P. (Eds), Proceedings of the 7th Working Conference on Human Error, Safety and Systems Development (HESSD), pp 171-284, IFIP 18th World Computer Congress, Toulouse, 2004.

  • Jefferson, C., Miguel, A., Miguel, I. & Tarim A. Modelling and Solving English Peg Solitaire. Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (CPAIOR), pages 261--275, 2003.

  • Baxter, G.D., Filipe, J.K., Miguel, A., & Tan, K. (2005) The effects of timing and collaboration on dependability in the neonatal intensive care unit. In F. Redmill and T. Anderson (Eds.), Constituents of Modern System-safety Thinking: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Safety-critical Systems Symposium. (pp. 195-210). London, UK: Springer-Verlag.

Contact Information

School of Computer Science
Jack Cole Building
North Haugh
St Andrews
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